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100 Alternate Designs

June-September 2022

Individual project

Part of the 100 Day Project Scotland 2022


Brief: Do something creative every day for 100 days.

For my second participation in the 100 Day Project Scotland, I felt more confident as I now knew how it would feel continuing this kind of project for so long, so I wanted to be a bit more ambitious with my brief. I also thought this would be a great opportunity to conduct a more product design related project, whilst keeping in mind the limits of the daily time frame, and the endurance needed to last the full 100 days.

As a design student, I've always struggled to take inspiration from others' work without feeling like I was copying them. This is strange however, as I've always enjoyed looking at the things around me, how they looked and how they were made. So I thought  I could take this project as an opportunity to reconcile these two things. Additionally, I thought it could be a great opportunity to do a lot of CAD work, something which I really enjoy and at the time of this project felt I needed more experience in.


So each day, I picked an existing design I found inspiring. This could be an iconic piece of furniture, an object from everyday life, take inspiration from fashion, architecture, etc. I then considered how its design could be transformed to fit a different context, redesigning it as a piece of furniture, lighting, or homeware, and modeling and rendering it in Blender.

All Inspos (No Edges).png
All Days.png

Final Collection


After the project, my grandfather who is an amateur artisan said he’d enjoy making some of the designs from the project. The idea was really exciting to me, as I had seen this as a CAD project from the start, and hadn’t thought anything from it would actually come to life.

We’ve been collaborating for the past couple months, and he is currently making the Louboutin heel inspired coffee table.

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